Retail Security

Retail environments can be highly populated at times; hence constant diligence is required in order to ensure the safety of consumers and their surroundings. GS3 officers are put through numerous potential scenarios in order to ensure they appropriately resolve each occurrence in the most professional and safe manner. At GS3, we aim for minimal business disruption within the retail environment hence focus heavily on regular protocol updates to defuse unwanted events.

GS3 is able to cater for the needs of your site via our online CRM system. Tech specialists have the ability to devise site specific checklists and hazard perception logs which allows the client to identify what has been monitored and creates a safer environment for patrons and staff.
Our onsite supervisors are highly qualified and have years of operational and retail experience in the security division. Further to this, our supervisors liaise closely with retail and operational managers on a monthly basis in order to identify if there is a need to improve overall activities and safety of the centre.

Our services will always include:

  • Uniformed and experienced security personnel
  • Live updates via our CRM system
  • A responsible approach in accordance with WHS legislation
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