Mobile Patrols

Constant intensive surveillance is what we at GS3 believe is required within the mobile patrol division. Our officers carefully study their surroundings in order to trace potential loss, theft, damage or illegal activity in their assigned patrol.

Further to this, GS3 has devised specific mobile patrol schedules which allow personnel to follow a certain guide when undertaking tasks. These schedules can be located on our CRM system can be viewed by both security personnel and client personnel, hence introducing a more effective way to view and communicate your thoughts to one another.

Ensuring you are satisfied with the overall security standards is of paramount importance. By choosing GS3, you are choosing the most reliable, comprehensive security team that specializes in servicing niche industry types.

Our patrol team follows a checklist which ensures security standards are always in accordance to safety when conducting their patrols. At GS3 we ensure our personnel:

  • Complete safety audits on a monthly basis
  • Provide life feedback to management in regards to KPI’s through our CRM system
  • Ensure all work method practices are in accordance to government standards.
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